Preparation of Tax Return for doctors, dentists and other health care professionals

Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation CGA specializes in Tax Return for doctors, dentists and other health care professionals.

Paying too much tax?

As tax specialists for doctors in Toronto, we struggle hard to provide our clients with the optimum level of tax services. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a member of a partnership or have an existing Professional Corporation, we have expertise to help you with all your taxation needs. As taxation expert , we manage the taxation needs of many doctors and dentists in Toronto. We ensures that none of our clients pay more tax than they should pay according to the tax rules that apply to the health care industry in Canada. Our tax specialists work directly with our clients to develop tax efficient compensation plans. We also offer tax advisory services such as estate planning, year-end tax planning and guidance with respect to the best way to buy or sell a practice and pay the least amount of tax in doing so.

Tax Preparation Services

Filing your own taxes takes time and divert your attention from your medical practice. Why struggle to navigate all those confusing rules when our team can handle your tax preparation for you? When you work with us, you’ll benefit from our attention to detail and up-to-date knowledge of tax preparation guidelines. We thoroughly study your financial records to make sure you’re not missing out on any deductions while taking steps to help you legally minimize your tax burden. Whether you pay taxes quarterly or once a year, we can make sure that all the appropriate paperwork is filed on time so that you don’t incur unnecessary penalties along the way.

Representation Before Tax Authorities

Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation.CGA has experienced staff to represent our clients before Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other taxing authorities. We encourage our clients to contact us whenever correspondence is sent to them that requires action. The staff at Syed A. Raza Professional Corporation.CGA presents before tax authorities on behalf of our clients so that they can focus on their profession and practice.

With many years of Canadian experience of working with doctors and dentists and having qualifications in personal and corporate tax planning, our firm has a cost effective approach towards tax planning.

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